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MÄRZ Verlag was founded in the late 1960’s by Jörg Schröder, who began working at Melzer Verlag, which he then rescued from bankruptcy by publishing THE STORY OF O in German translation. In 1969, however, Jörg Schröder parted with the publishing house and all of its employees and most of the authors followed him to his newly founded MÄRZ Verlag, which he lead until 1987. In June 2020 Jörg Schröder died in Berlin.
MÄRZ published books by Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, Castaneda, Leonard Cohen, Robert Crumb, Fassbinder, John Giorno, Gerhard Malanga, Kenneth Patchen and J. G. Ballard among others and had strong ties to leftist and student protest groups in the 1970’s.
In June 2021 Richard Stoiber, Andreas Rötzer and Andreas Guse decided to found a new publishing corporation to continue Schröder’s work. The new publisher Richard Stoiber continues to work with Schröder’s widow and former co-worker Barbara Kalender. The first list is published in March 2022 with books by Kathy Acker, Valerie Solanas, Frantz Fanon, Jenny Hval, Jules Vallès and Eberhard Seidel.

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